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How to make a 3D video in MATLAB

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This program describes how to make a 3D video in MATLAB by using two shifted videos.



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How to make a 3D video in MATLAB by using two shifted videos recorded in two different cameras and which can be seen through red-cyan 3D glass.
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Ben (view profile)

Thanks for sharing. What if I want a red-cyan instead of cyan-magenta?


Fiem (view profile)

Arindam Bose

Arindam Bose (view profile)

Now there is a small correction I must point out. Look at your 3D glass what you have. IF the left glass is Cyan and right glass is Magenta, then you have to make no change in this code. But if your glass is just opposite i.e. Left glass is Magenta and Right glass is Cyan, you have to make a small change. Replace the line with the following line.

movie3d(k).cdata = cat(3,leftI,rightI,rightI);

And you are done, now you have Magenta-Cyan 3D video.



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MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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