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January 2013 "Computer Vision with MATLAB" webinar demo files


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January 2013 "Computer Vision with MATLAB" webinar demo files



MATLAB code used in the computer vision webinar held on January 29, 2013.

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The demos were presented in this order:

1. MatchCard.m - Showed how to recognize specific objects in a scene using SURF features.
2. FacePeopleDetection.m - Showed object detectors available in Computer Vision System Toolbox (vision.CascadeObjectDetector and vision.PeopleDetector).
3. visionfacetrackingKLT - Showed vision.PointTracker, which uses the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi (KLT) algorithm.
4. ForegroundDetection.m - Showed vision.ForegroundDetector, configureKalmanFilter, and vision.KalmanFilter.

In the webinar, I also showed the demo "multiObjectTracking", which ships with Computer Vision System Toolbox

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
Computer Vision System Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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23 Nov 2014 bill

Where can we watch this recorded webinar?

10 Jul 2014 Suhas Yelluru  
10 Jul 2014 Suhas Yelluru

Hey Bruce,
what changes are to be made in order to use your face tacking algorithm so that the process is done in real time using the computer's webcamera as videoinput?

07 Jul 2014 Bruce Tannenbaum

Hi Syazana,

I suggest using vision.KalmanFilter and configureKalmanFilter.


04 Jul 2014 Syazana Ibrahim

Hye Bruce Tannenbaum, If i had make a detection of people use the vision.peopleDetector and what is the best way to track people by using that toolbox?

26 Jun 2014 Bruce Tannenbaum

Hi Syazana,

Thanks for your question!

vision.ForegroundDetector provides a binary mask of "pixels" in the foreground of a video.

vision.PeopleDetector requires at least grayscale images, if not color, to detect upright standing people. It wasn't designed to be used in combination. Rather, it is a replacement.

If the camera is stationary, then vision.ForegroundDetector is much faster at detecting moving objects, including people. If the camera is moving, then that algorithm fails to detect people, but vision.PeopleDetector will still work.

Hope this helps!

- Bruce

26 Jun 2014 Syazana Ibrahim

Hye Bruce Tannenbaum, I have try use the foreground for vision.PeopleDetector but it seem not support that function. Is it when we use peopleDetector we can not add the function of foreground? Because the example you give for foreground is by using the blobAnalysis. Thank you.

17 Jun 2014 Eric Nunes

Hi Bruce,
I am trying to run the demo in 13b. But I am getting the error :
Undefined variable "vision" or function "vision.PeopleDetector".

Error in FacePeopleDetection (line 7)
peopleDetector = vision.PeopleDetector;

How do i get around it.


20 Nov 2013 Bruce Tannenbaum

Hi John,

This code requires release 12b or later. The function "vision.PeopleDetector" was new in release 12b, so I would expect you to get that error if you ran the code in 12a.


20 Nov 2013 Lukas John

Hi Bruce,
i have 12a but this code i doesn't work.
It write error:
Undefined variable "vision" or function "vision.PeopleDetector".
Try help me please.

23 Oct 2013 khalid imtiaz imtiaz ali

i have use matlab 13a is this code work for it

22 Oct 2013 Bruce Tannenbaum

Hi Hassan,

I’ve checked the code for release 13b and everything seems functional. Can you answer two questions so that I can try to figure out what’s not working for you?

1. What release of MATLAB are you using (12b, 13a, ?) If you are using 11b or earlier, this code won't work right.
2. Which file in my entry is giving you the problem?

Thanks, Bruce

20 Oct 2013 Hassan Javaid

I'm also having the same error:

Scalar structure required for this assignment.

Error in SURFPoints/subsref (line 462)
locS.subs{2} = 1:2;

Error in MatchCard (line 21)
scale = ref_pts(i).Scale;

Please help me with this error.

28 Sep 2013 ISRAA

Perfect code.

23 Aug 2013 Abhijit

I got the following error message
Scalar structure required for this assignment.
Error in SURFPoints/subsref (line 462)
locS.subs{2} = 1:2;

Error in MatchCard (line 21)
scale = ref_pts(i).Scale;
Could you please help? I tried your version from 2012. They also have same error

30 May 2013 James

Thank You

26 Mar 2013 fath yhia

thank you

05 Feb 2013 Bruce Tannenbaum

And the recording for this webinar is located here:

05 Feb 2013 Bruce Tannenbaum

If you are looking for more about our feature detection, extraction, and matching capabilities, you can watch this webinar:

The demo files for this webinar are here:

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