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ecopath_matlab: A Matlab implementation of Ecopath

  • An overview of the ecopat...
  • wraptext documentation
  • setpos.m
  • getpos.m
  • cprintf.m
  • setgetposexamples.m
  • legendflex.m
  • aggregate(x, y, fun)
    AGGREGATE Aggregate values into cell array
  • calcclusteredparams(Full,...
    CALCCLUSTEREDPARAMS Calculates new Ewe input params for clustered model
  • calcstanza(A, varargin)
    CALCSTANZA Calculate B and Q/B values for multi-stanza Ecopath groups
  • cellstr2(s)
    CELLSTR2 Create cell array of strings from character array.
  • displayecopath(varargin)
    DISPLAYECOPATH Prints ecopath results to screen
  • ecopath2graph(Ewein)
    ECOPATH2GRAPH Create graph objects for Ecopath model
  • ecopathinputcheck(A, warn...
    ECOPATHINPUTCHECK Checks and fixes input in an Ewe input structure
  • ecopathinputinfo
    ECOPATHINPUTINFO Table of dimesions and units for ecopath input fields
  • ecopathlite(S, varargin)
    ECOPATHLITE Rewrite of Ecopath algorithms
  • ecopathmodel2rpath(EM, ou...
    ECOPATHMODEL2RPATH Print ecopathmodel data to comma-delimited files
  • editstanzacalcs(a, k, bab...
    EDITSTANZACALCS Replicate multi-stanza calculations from Ecopath
  • ewef2ecopathmodel(basenam...
    EWEF2ECOPATHMODEL Create ecopathmodel object from EwE-F input files
  • eweunitconvert(oldunit, n...
    EWEUNITCONVERT Convert Ewe input structure between units
  • mdb2ecopathmodel(file)
    MDB2ECOPATHMODEL Create ecopathmodel object from EwE6 data file
  • networkindices(T)
    NETWORKINDICES Calculate network indices for a food web
  • readtext(text, delimiter,...
  • regexpfound(str, expression)
    REGEXPFOUND Determine whether a regular expression is in a string
  • rpath2ecopathmodel(basena...
    RPATH2ECOPATHMODEL Create ecopathmodel object from Rpath data files
  • rpath2ewein(basename, var...
    RPATH2EWEIN Reads in Ecopath data from Rpath-formatted .csv files
  • sortewein(Ewein)
    SORTEWEIN Sort groups in Ewe input structure by trophic level
  • test_ProgressBar()
    test_ProgressBar ConsoleProgressBar Demo and Test
  • trophiclevel(dc, pp, nliv...
    TROPHICLEVEL Estimates trophic level of food web members
  • wraptext(str,width)
    wraptext formats long strings into wrapped text of specified width.
  • ConsoleProgressBar
  • ecopathmodel
    ECOPATHMODEL A Matlab-based version of the Ecopath food web model
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ecopath_matlab: A Matlab implementation of Ecopath


Kelly Kearney (view profile)


30 Jan 2013 (Updated )

Reproduces the main mass-balance algorithm from the popular ecosystem modeling tool, Ecopath

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File Information

This package provides a Matlab-based implementation of the Ecopath algorithm (part of the popular fisheries ecosystem modeling tool Ecopath with Ecosim (, as well as a few functions for further analysis and visualization of an Ecopath-style food web.

This software is intended for people already familiar with the Ecopath concept who wish to perform that particular calculation, as well as related analysis of food web properties, outside of the GUI environment provided by the original EwE software.


Readtext, Cprintf Display Formatted Colored Text In The Command Window, Console Progress Bar, Setpos 1.2 Getpos 1.2, and Wraptext inspired this file.

Required Products Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.6 (R2015b)
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03 Jun 2014 1.1

- Major overhaul to the createensemble routines: more flexibility, new sampling options, and improved efficiency
- mdb2ewein now uses dataset arrays, can return all data in the mdb file
- support for multi-stanza groups

03 Jun 2014 1.2

Corrected FEX image

18 Aug 2015 1.3

- Calculations are now robust to all potential input models, including those with multi-stanza groups.
- Completed implementation of the generalized inverse.
- Corrected bug in mdb2ewein where tables with spaces in their name were misinterpreted

30 Jun 2016 1.4

Updated description to reference github readme.

30 Aug 2016 2.0

Major update:
- new class (ecopathmodel)
- migrated most major functions to methods of this class
- The old version (ecopathlite.m) can still be found at

14 Sep 2016 2.0

Corrected typo in description

17 Sep 2016 2.0

Corrected spacing in description.

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