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ecopathlite: a Matlab-based implementation of Ecopath

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ecopathlite: a Matlab-based implementation of Ecopath



30 Jan 2013 (Updated )

Reproduces the main mass-balance algorithm from the popular ecosystem modeling tool, Ecopath

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Ecopath with Ecosim is a popular ecosystem modeling tool, used primarily in the fisheries modeling community. The original software and documentation for this tool can be found here:
Ecopath is used to calculate a snapshot of an ecosystem, including the biomass of all functional groups (living groups, fishing gears, and detrital pools) and the fluxes between these groups. This Matlab function is designed to complement the original software by providing a quick, easy-to-automate alternative to the GUI-based software available from the link above.
In addition to reproducing the main Ecopath algorithm (ecopathlite.m), this package includes two additional functions:

- mdb2ewein.m: Imports EwE6 database files to Matlab for use with ecopathlite.m

- createensemble.m: Generates an ensemble of Ecopath parameter sets based on a starting model and parameter uncertainty (i.e. pedigree) values.


Gridxy (V2.2 Feb 2008), Plots.M, Plotses.M, Readtext, Cprintf Display Formatted Colored Text In The Command Window, Console Progress Bar, and Truncated Gaussian inspired this file.

Required Products Statistics Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)
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03 Jun 2014

- Major overhaul to the createensemble routines: more flexibility, new sampling options, and improved efficiency
- mdb2ewein now uses dataset arrays, can return all data in the mdb file
- support for multi-stanza groups

03 Jun 2014

Corrected FEX image

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