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Toolkit for Pulsatile flow in arteries

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Toolkit for Pulsatile flow in arteries


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31 Jan 2013 (Updated )

Toolkit to generate pulsatile flow profile, characteristics and dicom images using Navier-Stokes eqs

% Toolkit for Pulsatile flow in arteries
% IMPORTANT > This toolkit is using some functions of Image processing 
% toolkit in matlab. Image processing toolkit is used to export dicom files 
% generated from the toolkit. If you need to export dicom files 
% this toolkit should also be installed.
% This toolkit includes a list of functions to provide pulsatile flow images  
% acquired from Womersley solution in the rigid tube. The toolkit includes  
% functions for exact solution of the domain for flow characteristics such
% as velocity, pressure, wall shear rate, volumetric flow and flow rate in
% the computational domain. Also there is a function to generate PC-MR
% images as numerical phantom for the domain. Fourier series for generation
% of temporal wave form are supported when pressure is given as: 
% p(t)=p0+Sum[pn(n)*exp(i*(2*pi*freq*t*n-phi(n))))].
%******************** List of functions 
% [u,p,dudr,q,dq,alpha]=PulsatileFlow(r,ru,mu,freq,p0,pn,phi,timestep,grid);
% [prefix,num,venc,pixel_size] = PulsatileFlowDICOM(r,ru,mu,freq,p0,pn,phi,timestep,grid,folder);
%   Copyright 2007-2013 Ali Pashaei. 
%   $Revision: 3.0 $  $Date: 2013/11/12 11:22:10 $

clf; clear all; clc;

r=0.001; grid=64; timestep=28; 
ru=1060; freq=1.0; mu=0.0035; 

%p0=0.0; pn=[7.99 4.43 0.99 0.74]; phi=[3.1219 -1.6675 0.4821 0.3938]; 
[p0,pn,phi] = FourierSeries(p,0.025,4,1/freq);

plot (p)
[prefix,num,venc,pixel_size] = FlowDICOM(u,r,folder)

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