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Temporary change directory

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Change directory and return to original when calling function finishes or exits with an error.

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    change current directory to DIR, but automatically return to
    original directory when the calling function or subfunction
    finishes or gets an error.

    Basically this function is equivalent with adding next code to your
        old_dir = cd(DIR);
        C = onCleanup(@()cd(old_dir));

    When CDTEMP is used multiple times in the same function or
    subfunction, then on exit current directory will be set to the
    first orginal directory.

    The CLEAR command will also change current directory to the first
    original directory.

    Change to new directory and return when the function that uses this
    command finishes.

    Change to new directory, do your things and return to original
see als cd, onCleanup, clear

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MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)
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