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mex wrapper for International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) Model

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mex-wrapper for an empirical model IRI



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IRI is an empirical model specifying monthly averages of electron density, ion composition, electron temperature, and ion temperature in the altitude range from 50 km to 1500 km.
mexIRI2011 function is a mex-wrapper for external routine written in FORTRAN.

This submission tries to make the mex wrapper simple.
1. Setup your preferred FORTRAN compiler with "mex" command.
2. Run "mex -g -v -largeArrayDims -output mexIRI2011 *.f*" in MATLAB command window to compile the files.
3. Run iri_test script.


The fortran source is at
MATLAB implementation by querying the online interface (by Drew Compston):

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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