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Return the handle to a figure with a specified tag



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figtagged is a MATLAB function that makes it easy to refer to figures using text 'tags' rather than numeric figure handles. This is particularly useful when creating figures from scripts, since you often want to re-use a window between runs. (The usual alternatives are closing all the windows, which loses positioning and layout, and hard-coding figure numbers, which can interact badly with other scripts and functions.)

You can tag figures in MATLAB already, but this function makes it a bit more convenient.


h = figtagged('thetag') returns a handle to a figure window with the 'Tag' property set to 'thetag'. If there is already a figure window with the specified tag, it will be cleared and reused; otherwise, a new figure is made.


hFig = figtagged('mytag2');

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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