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Level folder string

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The function returns user chosen level folder name out of path provided.



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Folder name usually carries some description of the files stored in the folder. However, it is sometimes interesting to use the name of a folder on a higher level. This function returns the string user chosen level folder, eliminating the need to present the whole path in cases it is obsolete.

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Nikolay S.

Nikolay S. (view profile)

Hi Jan Simon.
Thanks for the comment.
Indeed you're correct. I thought that '.' (dot) is an illegal character in folder name. Apparently I was wrong. I did some fix which works for actual files- uploading it now. For a case where a arbitrary string is used it seems that this function should receive a path to a folder rather then a file until I'll find a way to distinguish between file and folder.
Best wishes!

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

Even folder names can contain a dot, so it is not a fair limitation to assume, that the existence of a dot means that the input is a file.



Fixed the dot based distinguish between file name and folder name according to a comment.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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