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Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware



07 Mar 2013 (Updated )

Student-priced microcontroller board

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Installer file for Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware. For more details on capabilities for this support package, please visit:


Opening the .mlpkginstall file from your operating system or from within MATLAB will initiate the installation process for this Hardware Support Package and acquire the latest support package available for the release you have.

This .mlpkginstall file is functional for R2013a and beyond.


This file inspired Autonomous 4 Wheel Robot Light Tracker Arduino Mega 2560 and Simulink Library For Zumo Robot.

Required Products Simulink
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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16 Jan 2015 Waleed El-Badry

The problem of installing the package on R2014a has been reported several times. It is ironic that MATLAB package is installed with no problems. The problem has been presentiment for months although other packages are installed successfully like Raspberry Pi and USB webcam

31 Dec 2014 sai kiran

When I am trying to install the arduino package it says
Possible causes:
- You have recently cleared your MATLAB preferences, or
- You are using a shared MATLAB installation and the above support packages
were installed by another user.

I am not understanding what to do.
But i have successfully installed Arduino Due package. Can anyone help me

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17 Oct 2014 Jacob

Jacob (view profile)

When I double-click the aruinoio.mlpkginstall file in the Current Folder window in Matlab 2014a on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I get an error-dialog stating:

MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware cannot be installed on this system. It requires: Base Product: MATLAB Host Platforms: Win32,Win64,Mac64

How do I connect to Arduino from Matlab from Linux?

20 Sep 2014 Sina

Sina (view profile)

Hi. I am trying to use this package with an Arduino Uno board that's connected to a motor driver to drive a motor to my desired position and speed (later with implementing a PID controller).
I was wondering how I can use this package with the motor real time. Or how I can design the PID controller in Simulink for this application.
Thank you.

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05 Aug 2014 Carlos

Carlos (view profile)

Thanks Md. Ashfaque & Sreeram! As a temporary solution I used the for iterator block and buffered the bytes in an array. I shall look into custom blocks later on for better efficiency.

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22 Jul 2014 Sreeram

Hi Carlos,

There are two options
1) One could use for iterator block or something that can read bytes one by one and then buffer them as per application needs in the model
2) or on the contrary create a custom block that uses the Serial.readBytes function from the arduino standard library. http://arduino.cc/en/Serial/ReadBytes
For creating a Custom driver block one could follow the guide published at

Hope this helps,
Sreeram Mohan

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17 Jul 2014 Md. Ashfaque

Hi Carlos,
The best way to transmit an array of characters/string is to use the s-function builder block and simply use the Serial.print() command that is used in the Arduino IDE.

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12 Jul 2014 Carlos

Carlos (view profile)

Hello, if I want to read multiple bytes of data in each time step, what I should do with the Serial Read block since it only read 1 byte everytime? Thanks.

21 May 2014 Özgür Akpinar

It has problems in Windows 8.1 when I try to download model to Arduino.

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24 Jan 2014 addie irawan

I have a problem on using most of the PWM pins in PWM block for Arduino Mega 2560. The warning prompt shows this block only for Arduino UNO not Arduino Mega although the mask prompt written it support both boards. Please help me on this

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18 Jun 2013 Murat Belge

Support package installer is supported since R2012a. Type in "targetinstaller" at the MATLAB command prompt to launch the installer.

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18 Apr 2013 A

A (view profile)

Support Package Installer only for MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)?

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14 Apr 2013 Gabriel Ortega Rosero

Hi, I´m trying to do data adquisition with arduino in simulink, I configured the device and run the configurations (build the code), but I have a problem, when I start te simulation appear a error message, "Checksum mismatch. Verify the correct target application is running and if necessary rebuild target code."

I appreciate your help, thanks!

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05 Apr 2013 erik popo

it's a good tool

17 Sep 2013

Minor license update

20 Sep 2013

updating thumbnail and description

17 Jan 2014

no change - upgrading hardware support package download action

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