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Small GUI for saving workspace, figures and diary.

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This small GUI enables the user to save the current workspace, opened figures and a command window diary in a specific folder. The user can retrieve the workspace contents and open all saved figures in one click, thus restoring the state of the work environment when it was saved. The diary can also be openend in the default editor with one click.

Typical uses of this "Experiment Manager" would include saving the work environment for further use while the user must work on something else or shut down his workstation, or saving the state of an analysis as it progresses.

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for people using this on newer versions, you may need to change line 233 of the .m file to:

figname = [pathname num2str(figs(k).Number) '.fig'];

The old line is:

figname = [pathname num2str(figs(k)) '.fig'];

and will give you an error because the way that figure data is handled has changed since the writing of this code.

Jez Wells

Very useful. Seems to work well.

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MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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