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Stator Voltage Control of Three Phase Induction Motor fed by Three Phase AC Voltage Controller

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Stator Voltage Control of 3-phase IM is implemented by use of 3-Phase Ac voltage controller



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The Circuit simulated above is one of the topologies of 3-Phase AC Voltage Controllers whose output is fed to IM for drive applications

* A Pdf file is attached to best explain the operation of the circuit.

* The thyristors are numbered and triggered in the order of their numbers 1-2-3-4-5-6 of 60 degree each

* Frequency :50 Hz ,Pulse Width : 50 %

* The time delay is calculated using the formula alpha= omega*t which implies t = alpha/omega= alpha/2*pi*f

for simplicity if alpha = 30 degree
t= 30/50*360

* If u have got any doubts about the above circuit ...comments are welcome..

regards Vishy

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please send me the simulink model original



mahdi emamiun


Faris (view profile)

thank you for this simulation, how can I download it?


Lucas (view profile)

Thanks Vishnuteja Vinjamuri, this article is great!!! Thank you so much!!!


Lucas (view profile)

great simulation!!!!

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