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Tapering of 2D matrices

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Performs gradual tapering of matrices

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MATTAPER Tapering of 2D matrices.
[A,WINDOW] = MATTAPER(X,TF,W,S) performs gradual tapering by applying
either a student's t cumulative distribution function or a cosine
function to the four borders of the 2D matrix X.
For cosine: W is width of cosine in percent of width of X. S is unused.
For t-distribution: S defines the (integer) rate of decreasing border
values, and W the (integer) position of the half height of the applied
border window.

tf =
1: t-distribution
2: cosine

X = ones(60); % Uniform distribution

Written by Christian Lundmand Jensen
Date: 15th of February, 2013.

Update: 4th of April 2013
- Added cosine taper

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Added cosine taper


Fixed problem with wrong sized window matrix.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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