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MKXLSFUNC: Easily integrate legacy spreadsheet tools into MATLAB

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Creates an m-file function that does analysis within your specified Excel-based analysis tool.

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Often a very useful and complicated spreadsheet tool is available, and mkxlsfunc takes the overhead out of integrating the tool into the rest of your MATLAB code by generating an m-file function that automatically writes inputs to the spreadsheet and reads the outputs.
[h,nargin,nargout] = mkxlsfunc(functionName,xlsFile,inputRange,outputRange,sheet,overwrite)
The newly-created function, when provided with too few or no inputs, will use default values as determined by the contents of the xls input cells at the time of the function creation.

MKXLSFUNC is also a great function for Excel addicts who want to do most of their tool development in Excel. It's also great for the colleagues of Excel addicts.

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help, error checking, more path support, style


formatting of function help block and generated function help block
turned example file into a published file
default for empty functionName now taken from file name


updated help and example file; changed vertcat to catch invalid inputs; added arrayfun to help block and example file


minor cleanups, more helpful example

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

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