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Power Factor Measurement Block

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A simple block that can measure the power factor accurately.



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A simple block that can measure the power factor accurately.You just have to connect the voltage and current from the circuit across the block and it will display the power factor. This block can be used as a utility block and can be used as a subsytem in any of the simulink model.

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hussen yimam

good work



It is really really good work. May I know How this block works??

plz show the power factor subsystem block

Rady Soliman

how can i dowenload this block


M H (view profile)


he can any give power factor measurement block


Kecik (view profile)

Dear Hossein Hafezi, please upload the power factor measurement for the latest one. thnk you

E. Elbakush

Could you please let me know the value of Ts did you use.
Thank you

The P.F calculation is OK, but because of cumulative error phase calculation has error. if you observe signal before "cos" function you can see error.
I have modified it and will try to upload it. precise Single-phase p.f and phase calculation.

Thank you very much


pavan (view profile)

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