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2000 ASTM Standard Extraterrestrial Spectrum Reference E-490-00

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Vectorized MATLAB code which will compute the solar flux given a wave length.



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This routine will determine the solar flux in W/m^2 encountered in a zero air mass environment (such as outer space) provided you define the mean wavelength of interest and the allowed wave lengths in which you would like to consider.

MeanWaveLength [M x N x O x ... ] Multi-dimensional array containing the center wavelength in microns. Full spectrum will range from 0 microns to 1000 microns or 0.001m

waveBand [M x N x 0 x ... ] Multi-dimensional array containing the full waveband (i.e. range of wavelengths) in which to consider around the center wavelength. Units are microns. Full spectrum
is specified as a 1000 micron waveband.

useBlackBodyApprox Boolean Option will allow for the use of Plank's approximation instead of performing a table look-up.

SolarFlux [M x N x O x ... ] Multi-dimensional array of integrand solutions over the specified bandwidth for each mean wave length. Units are W/m^2.

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