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remove varables in MAT file(s)

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Want to delete same variables in possibly many MAT files? removevar is for you!



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removevar removes variable(s) from selected Mat file(s)
removevar selects MAT file(s) matfiles and ask user to select which
variables to delete. If more than one MAT file, matfiles is of cell format. Otherwise, matfiles can be either of char or cell class.
removevar(matfiles) ask user to select which variables in matfiles to delete removevar(matfiles,varargin) deletes variables that matches varargin in matfiles.

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Please note that this function doesn't directly remove the file from the .mat file; it instead rewrites every other variable to another .mat file. This will be exceedingly slow for those times in which this method would be most useful--deleting a small variable from a very large .mat file.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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