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Prints (rasterizes) text directly to image matrix.



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I spent a long time searching the web, looking for a script to print text directly to image matrix, without using text and getframe. And I realized I am not alone (e.g. and more). In the end, I decided to make something myself. This is just an example how it would work. I would like to get some feedback from potential users, to know if this might be useful and whether I should put further effort into this. My plans are to employ some arcs (circular, parabolic, elliptic,...), finish simple font and maybe read fonts from some "normal" file type,... Any feedback?

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peng wang

Karel Lebeda

Hi, no, no extensions so far... There didn't seem to be any interest by anyone, so I left it for now.

John Morris

Interesting script. Have you developed the simple font any further?

John Morris

Karel Lebeda

Position is in format [x;y] and they're by default coordinates of the upper left corner; that can be changed by alignment options. Currently, the only font format it takes is my 'special' one... I thought about making it load some common type, or at least create some font(s) in this format (100 characters is not so much...).

Btw, if raster format with fixed font size is enough for you, I can recommend this:

Dan Gianotti

This would certainly be useful for me... What are the allowable fonts? And what format is 'position'?

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