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Loading MIMIC II data using windows, matlab and postgre SQL

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Loading MIMIC II data using matlab and postgre SQL

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% How to load mimic II data in windows with matlab and postgreSQL
% 1. install postgreSQL for windows,
% 2. create database with name MIMIC2;
% 3. run schema schema_mimic2v26.sql, which is available at
% 4. make sure the 'Definitions' folder is available under the "currentPath" given in the matlab code.
% 5. make sure the folders for each patient are available. file in steps 4 and 5 can be obtained from,
% 6. change the userName and password for your database and currentPath in the matlab code.
% 7. instal jdbc driver of postgre for matlab (e.g. add a line "C:\DB_Drivers\postgresql-9.2-1002.jdbc4.jar" in c:\Program
% Files\MATLAB\R2012a\toolbox\local\classpath.txt), where the drive can be downloaded from the postgre website.
% 8. run the matlab script improt_mimic_data.m
% 9. run indices_mimic2v26.sql, which is available at

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add RunSQLCmdStr.m

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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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