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Loading MIMIC II data using windows, matlab and postgre SQL

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Loading MIMIC II data using windows, matlab and postgre SQL



27 Feb 2013 (Updated )

Loading MIMIC II data using matlab and postgre SQL

% How to load mimic II data in windows with matlab and postgreSQL
% 1. install postgreSQL for windows,
% 2. create database with name MIMIC2;
% 3. run schema schema_mimic2v26.sql, which is available at
% 4. make sure the 'Definitions' folder is available under the "currentPath" given in the matlab code.
% 5. make sure the folders for each patient are available. file in steps 4 and 5 can be obtained from, 
% 6. change the userName and password for your database and currentPath in the matlab code.
% 7. instal jdbc driver of postgre for matlab (e.g. add a line "C:\DB_Drivers\postgresql-9.2-1002.jdbc4.jar" in c:\Program 
% Files\MATLAB\R2012a\toolbox\local\classpath.txt), where the drive can be downloaded from the postgre website.
% 8. run the matlab script improt_mimic_data.m
% 9. run indices_mimic2v26.sql, which is available at

currentPath = 'G:\mimicData';
eval(sprintf('folderList = {%s};', sprintf('''%02d'' ', 0:32)));
eval(sprintf('patientList = {%s};', sprintf('''%03d'' ', 1:999)));
schemaName = 'mimic2v26';
databaseName = 'MIMIC2';
userName = 'postgres';
password = 'yourpassword';
conn = database(databaseName,userName, password, 'Vendor','PostGreSQL');
fid = [];
namelist = dir(sprintf('%s\\Definitions\\*.txt', currentPath));
for i = 1:numel(namelist)
    currentTable = strtrim(regexprep(namelist(i).name, '.txt', ''));
    cmdStr{1} = sprintf('DELETE FROM %s.%s;', schemaName, currentTable);
    cmdStr{2} = sprintf('COPY %s.%s FROM ''%s\\Definitions\\%s.txt'' DELIMITERS '','' CSV HEADER;',...
                         schemaName, currentTable, currentPath, currentTable);
     [cmdStr, curs] = RunSQLCmdStr(cmdStr, conn, fid);


for k = 1:numel(tabelList)            
    cmdStr{1} = sprintf('DELETE FROM %s.%s;', schemaName, tabelList{k});
    [cmdStr, curs] = RunSQLCmdStr(cmdStr, conn, fid);
for i = 1:numel(folderList)
    for j = 1:numel(patientList)        
        fprintf('processing %s\\%s\\%s%s \n', currentPath, folderList{i}, folderList{i}, patientList{j})
        for k = 1:numel(tabelList)     
            fileName = sprintf('%s\\%s\\%s%s\\%s', currentPath, folderList{i}, folderList{i}, patientList{j}, sprintf('%s-%s%s.txt', tabelList{k}, folderList{i}, patientList{j}));
            if(exist(fileName, 'file'))
                cmdStr{1} = sprintf('COPY %s.%s FROM ''%s'' DELIMITERS '','' CSV HEADER;', schemaName, tabelList{k}, fileName);
                [cmdStr, curs] = RunSQLCmdStr(cmdStr, conn, fid);

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