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Descritor LTI and LPV Calculation Tool-Kit V. 1.21

Algorithms for analysis, state estimation and fault detection for Descriptor LTI and LPV systems.



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For a detailed description and small tutorial see the attached pdf paper. It is necessary to install YALMIP toolbox.
Reference the work as:

F.R. López-Estrada, D. Theilliol, C.M. Astorga-Zaragoza, J-C. Ponsart. 10th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis, ACD 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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New functions
dfeedback_control: Robust admissibility (DLTI)
out_dfeedback_control: Output feedback controller (DLTI)
deig : Eigenvalues of SS and descriptor LPV and LTI
ts_gauss: Takagi-sugeno membership functions for n models (nonlinear sector approach)
TS_rules : Takagi-Sugeno rules for n models
ts_gbell3: Ts functions with gbell
New demos
desfault: Fault deteccion and disturbance estimation (DLTI)
demo5: robust estabilization (solved with yalmip or cvx) (DLTI)
demo6: Dynamic output feedback controller (DLTI)
demo7: tracking by considering a comparator integrator block (DLTI)

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Dab483: Sorry the command clean is a bug. It comes from the scilab version where is used to eliminate unnecessary decimals. Please just delete the command.


dab483 (view profile)

Hi, why do i get this? Tqs

??? Undefined function or method 'clean' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in ==> lpvpuiobsv at 135

This functions are showed in the next table.

dss2tf----- Descriptor system state space to transfer function
dcontr----- computes C, R and I controllability
dobsv------ computes C, R and I observability matrices
dstabil-----Computes the stability
qrrse-------Computes the QR restricted system equivalence (r.s.e.)
invrse-------computes the inverse r.s.e form

There contain some observers for state estimation. This observers are based
principally in the works of (Darouach1995s, Darouach1996, Hamdi2009, Hamdi2011)

abcdcoeff---- a,b,c and <d coefficients for Darouach observer
darobsv95---- Full order observer
redobsv95---- Reduced order observer
darobsv96---- Reduced order observer with unknown input
puiobsv------ Proportional unknown input observer (PUIO)
piuiobsv----- Proportional-integral unknown input observer (PIUIO)

For fault detection applications the following commands compute automatically
the gains to generate a bank of observers. This bank of observers
are based in a proportional and a proportional-integral unknown input observer

gosbank1--- For a generalized observer scheme (GOS) with some of the observers

dosbank2-----For a dedicated observer scheme (DOS) with some of the observers

The put the observer in a stability region the LMI are solved with the
LMITOOL of Scilab.

And finally for analysis, state estimation and fault detection of LPVD system:

lpvpuiobsv---- LPVD Proportional unknown input observer
lpvpiuiobsv--- LPVD Proportional-integral unknown input observer
lpvweig4------ For the construction weighting functions of 4 vertices.
lpvweig3------ For the construction weighting functions of 3 vertices.
lpvweig2------ For the construction weighting functions of 2 vertices.
lpvgosbank1---- For create a bank of oservers using a generalized observer
scheme (GOS)



This version contains some new demos and functions related mainly to robust admissibility of descriptor-LTI systems

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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