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March 2013 Japanese webinar "Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision with MATLAB"

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Script used in the Japanese webinar for image processing and computer vision held on Mar. 01, 2013.



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The demos were presented in the following order.
1: S1_1_Index.m : basic handling images with MATLAB
2: S1_2_Threshoulding_morph_coin_rice.m : thresholding, morphological image processing, blob analysis
3: S1_3_filtering : filtering of images.
4: face recognition:
This can be found by the following command
web([docroot '/vision/ref/vision.cascadeobjectdetectorclass.html'])
or in the following URL.
Please refer to Examples - Face Detection
5: S2_2a_optflow_webcam.m : optical flow
6: Tracking of cars with optical flow
This can be found by the following command
web([docroot '/vision/examples/tracking-cars-using-optical-flow.html'])
or the following URL.
7: S2_3_SURFfeatureMatchingEx.m : SURF feature matching
8: S3_findObjectAlgorithm.m : demo for card recognition

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Akio Murakami


Anyone have a translated version?


Updated license


- Line feed code has been changed from LF to LFCR to open with Notepad on Windows.
- Commented out the line "im" in S1_1_Index.m to avoid error,
although it has a comment describing it.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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