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Haar wavelet transform

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The matlab code is for the 2D Haar transform.



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This program gives the out put of the Haar 2D transform. open the main.m file and Run the program you will see GUI of Haar select browse for image and select a image of any dimension. Click on Press for haar, you can the transformed image with given pyramid. you can see only LL components of the Haar transform by clicking on "press for LL compents".

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Maulana Wahid

hi, how to place the image in lh subband?


Uchiha (view profile)


Uchiha (view profile)


Uchiha (view profile)


SVP qui peut m'expliquer que représentent les coefficients d'ondelettes et comment on les obtient , j'ai une grandes diffusion entre les coefficients et les détails :(

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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