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Software for hyper-spectral data pre-processing

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The software offers a user-friendly tool (based on two GUIs) for pre-processing reflectance spectra



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This software is developed and expressly adapted for the ASD FieldSpec spectroradiometer. It was designed to read the output of the instrument and to solve problems that generally affect hyper-spectral experimental ASD data. The software is based on two GUIs and it is characterized by an easily readable, graphic visualization of spectra, from which the absorption band depth (ABD) can be obtained for a selected wavelength. The output format of the ASD data is a binary file with an .asd extension. The binary file, that provides a single spectrum, can be processed using a functionality of software, by means of GUI, that allow to select one or more binary files to produce a spectral library in a unique .txt file. The spectral reflectance is re-calibrated with the “convex-hull” methodology to eliminate the convex shape, which is typical of reflectance spectra. Moreover the software (two files .fig and eight files .m) is built in order to be adapted to other instruments by means of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), e.g., the reading of ASD data is achieved by means of read_asd_v1.m and read_asd_v2.m that, in case of other instruments, must be modified according to correct data format of data file. In the table below a summary of GUIs controls is reported.

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