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Simple turbine engine performance estimation

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Simple turbine engine performance estimation



11 Mar 2013 (Updated )

A set of tools for simply estimating turboprop, turbofan, and turboshaft aircraft engine performance

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The two main tools are:

Actuator disc code - relates the thrust and power for an actuator disc in an incompressible fluid using momentum theory:
    [P,etaProp,Vi,etaIdeal] = actuatordisc('computeP',T,rho,A,V,etaDisc)
    [T,etaProp,Vi,etaIdeal] = actuatordisc('computeT',P,rho,A,V,etaDisc)

Specific fuel consumption code - calculates gas turbine power specific fuel consumption as a function of altitude, Mach number, and throttle setting:
    [PSFC,eProd,e] = CALCULATEPSFC(h,M,throttle,assumptions)

In addition, an example engine deck function is provided with an included example:
    [Tavail,TSFC,fuelFlow,etaProp,eCoreTotal,eCore] = DEMOENGINEDECK(Pshaftsls,fanArea,h,M,Treq,assumptions)

Finally, three assumptions functions are included that provide reasonable estimates for variations in efficiency and power lapse. These assumption function are straightforward to modify to incorporate your own assumptions:
POWERLAPSE determines the amount of power available from a gas turbine engine as a function of flight altitude and Mach number.
ALTITUDEEFFICIENCY estimates change in gas turbine core thermal efficiency as a function of altitude.
THROTTLEEFFICIENCY estimates change in gas turbine efficiency as a function of throttle setting.


Atmos: Standard Atmosphere Function, Dimensioned Variable Class: Units Support For Matlab, and The Carpetplot Class inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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13 May 2013 1.1

small updates to actuatordisc
slightly improved help

16 Jul 2013 1.4

new actuatordisc derivation (more robust); fixed screenshot

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