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Lognormal Perfusion Model

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Fit disruption replenishment time-intensity data with the lognormal perfusion model

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Dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound and the method of disruption replenishment [1] can be used to quantify blood perfusion and other vascular parameters.

This package fits time-intensity data with the lognormal perfusion model [2,3].

Run_logperf_fit.m fits the model to sample data and can be used as a template for arbitrary disruption-replenishment data.


[1] Wei et al. Quantification of myocardial blood flow with ultrasound-induced destruction of microbubbles administered as a constant venous infusion. Circulation (1998) vol. 97 (5) pp. 473-83

[2] Hudson et al. Quantification of flow using ultrasound and microbubbles: a disruption replenishment model based on physical principles. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology (2009) vol. 35 (12) pp. 2007-20

[3] Hudson et al. The Lognormal Perfusion Model for Disruption Replenishment Measurements of Blood Flow: In Vivo Validation. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology (2011) vol. 37 (10) pp. 1571-1578

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