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Example of Sharfetter-Gummel (SG) and Improved SG algorithm

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Explains how to use SG and ISG-0 routine for drift-diffusion flux reconstruction FV schemes.

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My simple program demostrates how to apply Sharfetter-Gummel and Improved Sharfetter-Gummel procedure to calculate fluxes for convection-diffusion equation. It illustrate example and method from article by A. A. Kulikovsky "A More Accurate Sharfetter-Gummel Algorithm of Electron Transport for Semiconductor and Gas Discharge Simulation" // Journal of Computational Physics, 119, pp.149-155 (155).
Also Method of lines (MOL) for time-discretization and Finite Volume (FV) for spatial flux derivative have exploited.
Feel free to ask any questions.

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