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Read DMM on a National Instruments DAQ device in MATLAB

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Provides access to National Instruments DMM channels available on devices like myDAQ and Elvis II



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The Data Acquisition Toolbox(TM) software provides a complete set of tools for analog input, analog output, and digital I/O from a variety of PC-compatible data acquisition hardware.
Support for National Instrument devices using the new Session Based Interface was added to Data Acquisition Toolbox in R2010b. If you have R2010b or later, you can use this file plus the Data Acquisition Toolbox to access the DMM on your DAQ device.

obj = DMM(deviceID,measurementType,min,max) creates an object OBJ representing the device with the DEVICEID assigned by the National Instruments Measurement and Automation Explorer, with the measurementType of 'Voltage' or 'Current', and min/max values representing the expected min/max range of the value being measured.

Call the READ method one or more times on the object to retrieve the 'Voltage' or 'Current' value in Volts or Amps respectively. The first time this is called, there will be a short delay as the hardware is configured, but additional calls will go faster.

This requires the Data Acquisition Toolbox and MATLAB R2010b or later. This object does not usually take exclusive access of the hardware as the subsystems are typically different, allowing you to use the DMM in conjunction with the DAQ device. To release the DMM, clear the variable that the object is assigned to.

myDMM = DMM('Dev1','Voltage',-10,10);
ans =

% release the hardware
clear myDMM

For more information about the Data Acquisition Toolbox, visit

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Hi! I tried using this but got the error "Undefined function or variable 'DMM'".



Updated license


Simple bug fix for failure to create the DMM analog input channel

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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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