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Quickly plot Excel, tab-delimited, or MATLAB generated data.

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This m-file/figure is designed to quickly plot Excel ".xls" files, tab-delimited files ".txt", old Macintosh cricket-graph files with ".txt" extension and MATLAB generated data. Excel file can contain "holes" and "NaN's". Extensive help "help plotmydata" and example files are included. Eliminates the need for Excel Chart Wizzard for line plots.

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Dalle Ali

works great!! thank you very much..

mahmoud gad

great ,, thanks

Matt Wurster

Nice work, gives a good idea how to solve the Excel plot problem!

aero Khan

Excellent Job ...Sir,,, I am already working something related to it...

hu lin

Stu Lo

You read my mind!

Chulhee Lee

Feature Rich Demonstration of MATLAB GUI!
It does the job done!!!


Submission name is misspelled. It should be "plotmydata" not "ploymydata"

Adding screenshot only

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 5.3 (R11)

Inspired: plotmydataR14

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