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meshfree exponential integrator

meshfree exponential integrator



experimetal code for meshfree exponential integrators

% DM = DifferenceMatrix(datacoord,centercoord)
% Forms the difference matrix of two sets of points in R
% (some fixed coordinate of point in R^s), i.e.,
% DM(j,k) = datacoord_j - centercoord_k .
  function DM = differenceMatrix(datacoord,centercoord)
  % The ndgrid command produces two MxN matrices:
  %   dr, consisting of N identical columns
  %       (each containing the M data sites)
  %   cc, consisting of M identical rows
  %       (each containing the N centers)
  [dr,cc] = ndgrid(datacoord(:),centercoord(:));
  DM = dr-cc;

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