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Spark Ignition Engine GUI

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computer program for thermodynamic engine model for a spark ignition engine.



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computer simulation which may be used to obtain some fairly good estimates of engine performance. These estimates are most useful for understanding basic engine
performance as well as assessing modifications as regards valve sizing, spark advance and various fuels.
Added code to visualize the effect of few of the parameters like compression ratio and spark angle on the engine performance. It will be useful to understand the effect of input parameters and using this intput can be optimize to get the best performance.

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Could you please explain me how the lift was calculated while considering the valve opening part?what is lm and where does the formula come from Thanks.



Updated the GUI to run the normal engine with and also to see the effect of parameters like compression ratio and Spark Angle on the engine performance.

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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