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Minesweeper Clone

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Microsoft Windows XP Minesweeper clone for MATLAB



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This is a close-to-pixel-perfect clone of the popular Microsoft Windows game Minesweeper. Specifically, it is modeled off of the version found in Microsoft Windows XP.

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@bmtran (view profile)

I've made some updates including fixing a big that had to do with dragging a square over a previously clicked square as well as the big that prevents the user from changing the difficulty more than once.

Adam Filion

Adam Filion (view profile)

I hit the same problem Ryan does, it errors after changing the difficulty once. Other than that, very nice :)

Ryan G

Ryan G (view profile)

I'll give 5 stars since it is mostly functional. Sounds like my issue may not be program related.

TH wang

TH wang (view profile)

I also had trouble when i switich the difficulties again


Bryant (view profile)

Ryan - That's interesting. It seems to be an artifact of the new MATLAB "App" packaging. Using the source files in the current folder doesn't pose the same issue.

Ryan G

Ryan G (view profile)

I had trouble switching between difficulties. I could switch once then it would error when I tried to switch again.



Fixed bug when loading the leaderboard without having finished a game before.

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MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

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