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Analog Modulation Technique:DSB-SC

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Calculates & Plots the Waveform for the DSB-SC Modulated Signal.



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Double-Sideband Suppressed-Carrier Transmission (DSB-SC):

Transmission in which:
(a) frequencies produced by amplitude modulation are symmetrically spaced above and below the carrier frequency and
(b) The carrier level is reduced to the lowest practical level, ideally completely suppressed.

In the double-sideband suppressed-carrier transmission (DSB-SC) modulation, unlike AM, the wave carrier is not transmitted; thus, a great percentage of power that is dedicated to it is distributed between the side bands, which implies an increase of the cover in DSB-SC, compared to AM, for the same power used.

DSB-SC transmission is a special case of Double-sideband reduced carrier transmission.

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Theory of DSB-SC Modulation Technique discussed in brief.

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