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Simulation of reverse power relay for generator protection

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This model provides a deep inside view of reverse power relay modelling on MATLAB



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Modeling tools are useful for basic understanding of power system, particularly for new engineers. Such tools help the new engineers to modulate the system under normal and faulty conditions. This paper presents the modeling and simulation of digital reverse power relay on MATLAB/Simulink®. In this simulation, the relay performance is tested on 11kV synchronous generator, connected with 220kV through a step up transformer.

This is authorized work. Any modification in simulation need citation of work or prior permission from author.

Reference paper:
M.M. Aman, G. Bin Jasmon, Q.A. Khan, A.H. Bin Abu Bakar, J.J. Jamian, Modeling and simulation of reverse power relay for generator protection, in: Power Engineering and Optimization Conference (PEDCO) Melaka, Malaysia, 2012 Ieee International, 2012, pp. 317-322.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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