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SPR XPhase

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Computes reflectance (Rp/Rs) for surface plasmon resonance on a system of thin films



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Computes ratio of p-polarized reflectance to s-polarized reflectance (Rp/Rs) for surface plasmon resonance experiments. Uses multilayer matrix transfer method for a system of thin films. Works for any number of layers over any angle and frequency range. Includes data for some common substrates and conductors.

Default behaviour is so-called "fourier-transform" SPR, which outputs an entire frequency-intensity spectrum at each angle, but can easily be changed to "laser" SPR which scans over angles at a fixed frequency.

To use, open input_xphase.m in Matlab and follow the instructions inside. Once it runs, your reflectance data Rp/Rs is stored in variable R_mat, which you can plot in your favorite plotting program.

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MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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