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T-test with Bonferroni Correction

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Performs multiple pairwise comparisons between groups of samples.

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This function can be used to perform multiple comparisons between groups of sample data.

The Bonferroni correction is used to keep the total chance of erroneously reporting a difference below some ALPHA value.

For example, consider an experiment with four patients. Their temperature is measured at 8AM, Noon, and 5 PM. This function can be used to test if there is a difference in temperature between 8AM and Noon, between Noon and 5PM, and between 8AM and 5PM.

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Alex (view profile)

Works as advertised. Would help if it could handle NaNs in the input columns.

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell (view profile)

bonferroni is awfully conservative. There are now better alternatives:

ram sen

Leon Kiang

Very good and easy to use!!

peter winterfeldt

eleven zhao


James Rathman

Requires Statistics toolbox, so this isn't a standalone.

ada daria

jim beam

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