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08 Apr 2013 (Updated )

Returns cell array of file names located under input folders.

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This functions goal is to return a cell array of names of files located under user defined folders. The input should be a cell array of parent directories. The function also supports input of a single directory name string. Absolute file path is used, replacing the relative path.
The user can choose the files or directories including files using the OS explorer- by enabling the 'flagGUI' input.
I was somewhat un-pleased from the multiple similar function were proposed and submitted to Matlab File exchange (no offence, with greatest respect to the authors and their work):
During my first programming course I was taught that code using recursion is a bad code. Recursive code is hard to understand, develop and maintain.
Changing folders or Matlab path during run time is also a bad thing- it takes more time and can cause unwanted effects in Matlab environment.
Therefore I've written my implementation, witch, I believe, has some advantages over methods proposed earlier:
  - It is not recursive but iterative.
  - It does not changes the current folder (not using cd command).
  - It uses "ls" function, which is supposed to be faster then "dir" function.
  - According to some measurements I've made it runs faster the the alternatives.
  - I also believe is is clearly written, so it should be easy to understand and maintain.
  - It supports wildCards.


Folders Sub Folders inspired this file.

This file inspired Apply2 Video Frames, Files To Folders Based On Properties, and List Of Files From Directories/Files List Or Browser.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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22 Apr 2013 1.1

Some bug fixes and modifications

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