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PROFIBUS over 802.11b

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Polling based PROFIBUS MAC layer over a 802.11 PHY.

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This is an alpha model of a polling based PROFIBUS MAC over a 802.11b PHY layer. A central base station is polling the network members in cyclic order.

The PHY layer ist modeled as detailed as possible, including the PLCP and PMD sublayer, the service primitives, the state machines. For connecting the PHY and the MAC layer just the primitives of the 802.11b PHY are used.

At the moment in the 802.11 PHY just the 1MBit/s speed is modeled, for all the other modes i need help, especiall with switching the datarate at runtime. I also need help with the receiver, i didn't find a a good way for recover the synchronisation after despreading.

It would be very nice if one could take a look at the model and contact me if there would be sugestions.

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I am trying to run this model file but I am getting error . The CCK model and PPDU scrambler are not working . Please help


Goola (view profile)

I need to create 802.11MAC packet for implementing a MAC layer base on DCF
can anyone help me?

bechir ben gouissem

congratulation, i think that is a good work and a very usefull.
i'mtraying to execute the simulation but i have some librery mistakes.
for example when i tray to open wireless profibus-lib model i have an biquad SOS error, and when i execute the model i have some wornings like "Warning: Input port 2 of block 'wProfibus/wireless Basestation/802.11b PHY layer/PMD sublayer/Receiver/Rx Frontend' is not connected." and full queue in retransmission queue of WT MAC sub model. thanks for help

selvam pd

va Pour

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