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09 Apr 2013 (Updated )

Using full Latex markup in m-files to generate high quality documentation. Version 1.3

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Version V1.3

A new conversion of figures to eps has been implemented. This automatically selects the best renderer depending on the nature of the data on the axis of the figure. It automatically chacks the size of surfaces and renders very large surfaces as raster-graphics while using vector graphics for the axes. This imporves the size and speed at which the pdf document can be viewed and printed.

Version V1.2

Some details in the string handling of the screen output from MATLAB have been improved. The renderer used when exporting eps has been changed to improve efficiency.

Version V1.0

April 2013

Matthew Harker and Paul O'Leary
Institute for Automation
University of Leoben

This toolbox enables the use of full Latex markup for the generation of high quality documentation from m-files. This includes bibliographies, cross referencing, captions etc.

The tool documents the code in a listing environment, the screen output in a verbatim environment, the graphical output is captured to eps and integrated into the final documentation.

We originally wrote this tool to support a detter quality of documentation for out mathematical libraries. All the documentation for the Discrete Orthogonal Polynomial Toolbox: DOPbox:

and the ODEbox

were generated with this tool. Consequently, many examples of m-files for use with this tool can be found there.

Where to Start
We recommend you start in the documentation directory. There there is an example .m file and the resulting .pdf. the file introduction.pdf is the documentation for this toolbox and was generated using this tool.

Version V1.1

1) The MATLAB figure files are now cropped so that the bounding box is the minimum size bounding box possible.


This file inspired Surface Reconstruction From Gradient Fields: Grad2 Surf Version 1.0.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)
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18 Apr 2013 1.2

Many small errors were corrected and better documentation has been added. Also the renderer used to generate the eps files has been changed.

31 Jul 2013 1.3

The handling of figures with multiple axes has been imporved. A new procedure for converting figures to eps has been integrated.

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