Basis Images generation of 4*4 order of DCT, DST, Walsh, Hadamard , Haar and Slant


Cavin Dsouza (view profile)


Generates 4*4 order basis images of sinusoidal and non sinusoidal transforms

function walshMatrix=walsh(N)
hadamardMatrix = hadamard(N);
HadIdx = 0:N-1;                          % Hadamard index
M = log2(N)+1;                           % Number of bits to represent the index

binHadIdx = fliplr(dec2bin(HadIdx,M))-'0'; % Bit reversing of the binary index
binSeqIdx = zeros(N,M-1);                  % Pre-allocate memory
for k = M:-1:2
    % Binary sequency index
    binSeqIdx(:,k) = xor(binHadIdx(:,k),binHadIdx(:,k-1));
SeqIdx = binSeqIdx*pow2((M-1:-1:0)');    % Binary to integer sequency index
walshMatrix = hadamardMatrix(SeqIdx+1,:); % 1-based indexing

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