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Project Packaging interface

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An interface and command line tool for creating an archive containing project files and dependencies

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This package includes a program that allows the user to create a project definition with all Matlab files to be included in the final archive. It will also check for dependencies outside of the project folder and export them together with the main project. Specific files and folders can be excluded on the basis of regular expressions. Each project can have different settings for the root folder, archive location and ignore patterns.The program is especially handy for distributing your code to different users, without forgetting additional functions outside of the main project.

The command line interface can be used by typing createProjectPackage at the Matlab command line. It does not allow for much customization and can only handle 1 project at a time. With the graphical interface (guiProjectPackager), it is possible to create new packages, modify or delete existing ones and selectively export them. It is also possible to create ignore patterns on the fly.

A manual for the graphical interface can be found at

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Added possibility to manually add dependency files and/or folders that are not found by depfun (e.g. jar files). Bug fixes for Windows platforms.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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