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Cloose Loop Engine PIL Simulation with Arduino

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Closed Loop Engine Controller running PIL Simulation with Arduino Board



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This model is a modified version of the "Engine Timing Model" provided with Simulink Demos. Bus structure was implemented to separate Controller from Plant, reference model is used to run controller in PIL simulation using an Arduino Board. Different simulation configuration parametters and data types were modified to run PIL simulation.

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I want to ask you about your file exchange "Cloose Loop Engine PIL Simulation with Arduino", i want to khnow what are the steps I should follow in order to excute this part "ECM Engine Control Module
Running Arduino PIL Mode" in arduino and these parts "Engine Plant
Running on Host PC" & "Driver Running on Host PC" in host PC

model "EngineOL" is the original version of the "Engine Timing Model" provided with Simulink Demos. this model does NOT run in the Arduino target, it is fully simulated on a PC thus it can be simulated using variable-step solver.
The model that runs in PIL mode with the Arduino target is PILEngineCLwArduino_Rel.mdl


Kroger (view profile)

When it is compiled "The specified code generation target for model 'EngineOL' cannot be used with a variable-step solver" message appears. What are configuration parameters to run this model?

behi sg

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