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Steganography using LSB substitution

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Steganography using LSB substitution


Ashish Soni (view profile)


The term steganography means “cover writing”

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This is a simplest steganographic technique that embeds the bits of secret message directly into the least significant bit (LSB) plane of the cover image. In a gray-level image, every pixel consists of 8 bits. The basic concept of LSB substitution is to embed the confidential data at the rightmost bits (bits with the smallest weighting) so that the embedding procedure does not affect the original pixel value greatly.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)
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28 Oct 2014 yash

yash (view profile)

Hi, I'm new to matlab, if its not too much to ask, how to use your program? For example how to provide the cover image? I can't seem to use it. Thanks

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05 Aug 2014 Raj Wankhede

Hello, I am new to this and I have my final year project on Steganography.
Can anyone guide me regarding this algorithm?

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30 Jul 2014 Ashish Soni

Ashish Soni (view profile)

Mr Karthik, No of LSB bit you have to subsitute is 1 to 4. u can check the effects by varying this no.

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29 Jul 2014 karthik baskar

can u add an image of your output process
'Enter the no of LSB bits to be substituted'
what no. should be entered

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14 Jun 2014 Akash Modi  
30 Jan 2014 ghassan78

thank you (Ashish Soni ) for this code , i test it but , i ask about no of LSB bits to be substituted (n) ,What is the value of (n) because when i run it ,appear this error :

Enter the no of LSB bits to be subsituted- 1
Error using bitor
Inputs must have the same size.

Error in Steg (line 15)
S = uint8(bitor(bitand(x,bitcmp(2^n-1,8)),bitshift(y,n-8))); %Stego

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