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heli2 is a helicopter flight simulator.

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HELI2 starts the Helicopter flight simulator. The landscape is based on the function 'peaks', and is built in the subfunction 'scenery4'. There are some parameters to change the flying properties. An Instrumental Panel provides information on location, heading, speed, horizon and altitude. The dafault values of flying parameters should give a good flying behavior, but however, you can change these Parameters as you want. Don't hesitate to play a little bit.

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Jean-Luc Dellis

Very nice, thanks.

joe joe

i like it as a game and also as an utility to explorate 3d topo maps.

tahir ali

nice one i really enjoyed it

James Keane

A nice bit of fun for Friday afternoon

James Downs

This script in no way simulates the dynamics of a helicopter. Don't waste your time.

Al Meier

Nice Job.
The initial window placements caused some window updating problems and with a laptop with a force-stick or touch-pad, it's difficult to control the course and direction.
However, nice example for doing animation and graphics.

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