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Color Constancy Algorithms (Gray World, White Patch, Modified White Patch, ETC)

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The functions implements several of the color constancy techniques available.



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Gray World
White Patch
Modified White Patch
Single Scale Retinex
Multi Scale Retinex

Example of use:
% I and J are input and output images.
J = colorConstancy(I, 'modified white patch', 200);

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kun li

kun li (view profile)

thank you very much,

kun li

kun li (view profile)

junmin wang

goog work


thanks,help me a lot.

irfan Ullah

Great work, help me a lot, can you please tell me how to use MSRCR? I have difficulties in setting alpha b an G values

thanks , but documentation should be improved

ahmed ismail


xu rui

xu rui (view profile)

Hi Juan Could you tell me the algorithm "progressive" from which pepper?


mike (view profile)

MSR is not correct


Fu (view profile)

Thank you very much, I just look for it.

Thank you so much!

xuan le

Sorry Juan, do you have the literature for those algorithms? For example, which algorithm "progressive" mean?

xuan le

Thank you Juan, it should be the reason. There is a new version of "fast implementation" which the author published on his own site. However, this is a great code.


Juan (view profile)

Hey Xuan, my implementation of the ACE algorithm is super slow, but It's guaranteed to finish. Maybe you should try with much smaller images.

xuan le

The 'ACE'algorithm seem not correct. I run it and fall into a "life time" loop with Ciclos: 30000 and so on.


Smart (view profile)


Gangyi (view profile)

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