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Moves tick labels to the inside of the plot axis.



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    HH=TICKLABELINSIDE(H,AX,CORNERFLAG) is the calling form.
    HH contains handles to the text objects created.
    H is the handle to the figure or axis of interest (default is GCF).
    AX is 'x' 'y' or 'xy' (default) to indicate which axis labels should be moved in.
    CORNERFLAG is 1 to print labels at the corners, 0 to skip them for clarity (default)

Comments and Ratings (3)

Also would be nice if it handled YDir = reverse, XDir = reverse.

Good for plots with default settings.

Improvement request: please add support for XAxisLocation = top, YAxisLocation = right.


Igor (view profile)

Works OK, but only till you try to zoom.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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