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Hybrid Equations Toolbox v2.03

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Hybrid Equations Toolbox v2.03



18 Apr 2013 (Updated )

Hybrid systems simulated in MATLAB/Simulink. Includes Simulink implementation and MATLAB code.

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File Information

The Hybrid Equation (HyEQ) Toolbox is implemented in MATLAB/Simulink for the simulation of hybrid dynamical systems. This toolbox is capable of simulating individual and interconnected hybrid systems with inputs. Examples of systems that can be simulated include a bouncing ball on a moving platform, fireflies synchronizing their flashing, and more. The Simulink implementation includes four basic blocks that define the dynamics of a hybrid system. These include a flow map, flow set, jump map, and jump set. The flows and jumps of the system are computed by the integrator system which is comprised of blocks that compute the continuous dynamics of the hybrid system, trigger jumps, update the state of the system and simulation time at jumps, and stop the simulation. Also includes a “lite simulator” which allows for faster simulation without using Simulink.

Required Products Simulink
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)
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Comments and Ratings (10)
10 May 2016 Deejay Stander

11 Apr 2016 Pablo Nanez

A new version of the simulator is available!

The main new features of this new version are:

1) New zero events code in the lite HyEQ simulator
2) Instructions file updated
3) New help html files
4) Smaller installation file
5) Cyber Physical Systems CPS blocks in the simulink library (interconnected systems)
6) CPS examples
7) Problems in installation for 2014b are now solved
8) Now is possible to select which ode solver the lite HyEQsolver is going to use
9) New plot functions for pre and post 2014b plot behaviour

Comment only
30 Apr 2014 Pablo Ñañez

The main changes from 2.0 to 2.01 are:
1) Added two new plotting functions plotHarcColor and plotHarcColor3D
2) All functions have now the standard head (H1) help line (which is required to search functions such as "lookfor", e.g., >> lookfor HyEQ, or >> lookfor hybrid)
3) Functions plotC and plotD were removed (none of examples uses those functions)
4) New help environment for all functions were created (with examples inclued), e.g.,
>> help HyEQ_Toolbox_V201
>> help HyEQsolver
>> help plotflows
>> help plotHarc
>> help plotHarcColor
>> help plotHarcColor3D
>> help plotHybridArc
>> help plotjumps
>> helpwin HyEQ_Toolbox_V2_01
5) Some of the postprocessig files in the examples (simulink) were edited to include the new plotting functions.

Comment only
30 Apr 2014 Tadashi

what's new from version 2.00 to 2.01?

18 Apr 2014 Gerardo Flores-Colunga

02 Apr 2014 Pablo Ñañez

This blog contains guidelines, hints, and examples for the use (and misuse) of the Hybrid Equations (HyEQ) Toolbox

Comment only
25 Jan 2014 Pedro Casau

29 Nov 2013 X.Yang

X.Yang (view profile)

Very useful. Nice!

24 Oct 2013 Booshnam

06 Jun 2013 Sean

Sean (view profile)

17 Oct 2013 1.2

Help files and instructions updated.

29 Apr 2014 1.3

1)Added two new plotting functions plotHarcColor and plotHarcColor3D
2)All functions have now the standard head (H1) help line
3)Functions plotC and plotD were removed
4)New help environment for all functions were created (with examples inclued)

30 Oct 2014 1.4

Instruction file for installation were updated.
Install problems in iMac's OS X 10.9.5 are solved.

10 Apr 2016 2.03

Change log:
-new zero events in lite version
-new help files
-smaller insttallation file
-new CPS blocks
-new plotting functions, now compatible with pre and post 2014a plot behaviour
-update of the simulink library
-CPS examples

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