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merge2latex Version 1.0

This tool merges a .tex file with an m-file to selectivly document code cells.



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version V1.1

April 2013

This toolbox takes a new approach to documenting a MATLAB simulation in latex. With the commands \cellName{ example } in MATLAB a cell is given a reference name. With the command \importMCell{ example } in a .tex document: the code, screen output and graphics associeted with the referenced cell are imported into a .tex file. In this manner a latex and an m-code file are merged to generate a final document. The cells can be selectively imported and in an arbitrary order.

The document introductionMerged.pdf provided introductory documentetion. The daoument was automaticall generated by merging the introduction.tex and the introduction.m files.

The library is organized as follows:

1) documentation: the directory containing the introductory material and the example .m and .tex files

2) mergeBox: the source code for the merge2latex tool.

This tool is related to the publish2latex toolbox:

whereby publish2latex enables the use of LATEX markup in m-code.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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