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Blancmange-Takagi Function

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Blancmange-Takagi Function



Used to plot the Blancmange-Takagi function of order (w) and range (x).

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Blancmange-Takagi Function.
Used to plot the Blancmange-Takagi function of order (w) and range (x). This function is an example of continuous, yet nowhere differentiable function. Typical values of (w) are in the range (0 to 1), and of x are (1 to 10).

[B,s] = blancmange(w,x) plots Blancmange-Takagi function of order (w) and range (x). The output is stored in the 1-D matrix (B) and its size in s.

[B] = blancmange(w,x,step,n) plots Blancmange-Takagi function of (w) and (x), with a specified calculation step over the interval (x) and maximum summation limit (n). When (step and n) are left as blanks, the defaults are (step = 0.005 and n = 100).

Differentiation of this function returns values of order of steps used in within it, smaller the step values correspond closer to zero differences, yet it will consume more time to run.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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10 May 2013 Youssef Khmou

Youssef Khmou (view profile)

i would like to know in what field of physics this function is used ?

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