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Files to folders based on properties

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Files to folders based on properties


Nikolay S. (view profile)


Groups files into folders based on user defined file properties.

function waitbarTimeRemaining(h_waitbar,h_tic,waitbar_progress)
%function waitbarTimeRemaining(h_waitbar,h_tic,waitbar_progress)
% Functional purpose: To dispaly a modified waitbar with values of "ealpsed
%   time" and "remaining time"
% Input arguments:
%   h_waitbar- a handle to matlab waitbar (it is assumed that appropriate title is added to the waibar figure.
%   h_tic- a handle to a tic enabled at the begining of the measured processes.
%   waitbar_progress- value between [0,1] describing procces done vs total process that is- current index/total indexes
% Output Arguments: None
% Issues & Comments: 
% Author and Date:  Nikolay Skarbnik 14/04/2011 
% Last update: 18/12/2012  waitbar_progress casted to double       
waitbar_progress=double(waitbar_progress); % for some reason datestr fails to work with single type

    sprintf('Time  passed   %s  [H:Min:Sec.mSec].\nTime remaining %s  [H:Min:Sec.mSec].',...

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